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Create your community, share and monetize your exclusive content

Create your own community and monetize your content in just a few clicks with Perpy.

Manage your gated access with NFT, keys, contribution and more

Decide and configure how to access your private community by owning a specific NFT Collection, minting a key, and/or setting a minimum deposit in your vault. More gated access options available in the future.

All Alpha news in one place. The crossroad of Trading and Social Fi

Share your alpha plays, execute them and be rewarded with never leaving Perpy.

The Super-App for Alpha groups to grow their community and treasury

Instead of sharing your calls in Telegram or Discord and taking the trade in a separate DEX, make it all happen in Perpy.

Your Community. Your rules. Your calls

The first and only flexible and configurable Social Fi app out there.

The vault acts as an intermediary between the trader and investors.

Funds are secured by smart contracts, Audited by Peckshield.

They can only be used for trading by the Vault Manager. You keep full custody of your funds.

Trade with investors funds in the vault, deploy your trading strategies and earn a commission on your trades.

Investor Features

Grow your Portfolio through diversifying in Vault Managers.

Get a quick overview of the best Managers with our Vault Explorer. Go deep into their statistics to make an informed decision or ape. Your choice.

Better Fees Redistribution.

Perpy is one of a few distributing 90% of the protocol revenue.

Make Passive Crypto Trading Profits without Trading.

Get exposed to any kind of crypto trading without lifting a finger. Sit back and relax.

Keep Full Custody of your Funds

Your funds are secured in the vault, and the vault manager can just trade with them. You keep full custody at all times.

Join communities, thrive and earn together.

The one and only place where you can share your content, follow and interact with vault managers while earning profits. The best of Social Fi and Trading.

Intuitive User Journey

A superior User Inter face for beginners to invest easliy and deep performance statistics for advanced users who wants data before making a decision.

Q1 2024 -

Spot Trading Vault

  • Stats Page
    Vault Promotion Feature
    $PRY Buy Back and Burn Programs
    Enhancing Perp Experience (vault switch, buying power, waiting deposits)
    Management Fees Integration
    Perp Experience (Drag and drop TP & SL)

Q2 2024 -

Account Abstraction

  • Gamification - Point System
    New Chain Expansion
    Deposit Multi Asset
    Vault Gamification
    Perp Experience (all in one app)

Q3 2024 -

Trading Bot SDK

  • Cross-Chain Deposits
    Social Layer Release
    Notification System
    FIAT On-ramp
    Major Social Layer Upgrade 1

Q4 2024 -

Gains Integration

  • Lyra Integration (Options)
    Major Social Layer Upgrade 2

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